They bring so much joy to our lives from day one. But grooming puppies has always created chaos to their parents' wallet. Half the size and double the cost? 

But not at WashPaw.

We know why other grooming salons charge more and we are not okay with that. True, some puppies could be difficult to handle and thus may take longer to groom. The way we see it, they just want to have fun!  

puppy grooming


That is why we are so proud to introduce our new Puppy Grooming packages for our Nashville pals. 

Instead of setting prices by weight, size or coat we are again revolutionizing the way Nashville pet parents look at grooming. Our package rates are set by the age of your pup in three levels: up to 3 months, from 3 to 6 months, and from 6-12 months. 

Our pet groomers are ready to handle every attitude and every energy level.  But a little secret between us: we just want to have fun with them!

Check out our Puppy Grooming packages and reserve your appointment today.

AuthorTammy W