Puppy Grooming

Pay by age -- not by weight! Our exclusive Puppy Grooming Packages are designed to give the newest member of the family a great look at a great rate. Little bodies, little prices!


Under 3 Months

Starter Package
only $20

3-6 Months

Intermediate Package
only $25

6-12 Months

Almost Grown-Up Package
only $30


Two options to select from:

  • Bath & Brush
    Includes a complete bath followed by an intensive brush session to get rid of dead coat and add volume. Perfect for shorthaired breeds.
  • Bath & Trim
    Includes a complete bath followed by a volume brush and trimming of face, feet, and sanitary area. Perfect for short to medium-haired breeds.

All packages for puppies include professional nail trim and WashPaw finishing touches. You can upgrade to a nail grinding session for only $10.