One of our recent visitors stopped by our Nashville grooming salon to get her dog washed using our self-serve stations. After what appeared to be a great experience we were surprised to see that she left us a 2-star review on Yelp. The main culprit for such a low score: the blow dryer.

Dog dryer

Dog dryer

And her review was right on point because the dryers are not meant to "dry" coats as regular hairdryers for humans do. They are designed to blow air (thus the name) at such a high speed that will cause water to separate from the hair.

However, we should explain that because of the safety measures of dryers meant for pet coats the air being blown will almost never be hot like a regular human hairdryer. This is because most pet dryers have a mechanism that controls air's temperature to prevent accidents like burning the skin or hair strands.

How then can I get my pet's coat dry as much as possible?

The trick is to blow the coat at an angle using a fast up-down motion from the top. To prevent raw volume (hair not settling correctly and with waves) be sure to always start from the top following the coat's natural growth and direction. Start with your pal's head and move down the body. Split the area in small sections and focus the air on it before moving to the next section.

The degree of dryness will vary depending on how fast your strokes are and how much time you spend on each section.

No matter what you do please let our staff know if at any time you have issues using any of the grooming dryers. We want you and your pals to leave as happy as when you came in and avoid creating a damp mess in your car! Plus, we just don't like to settle for anything less than 5 stars.

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