Welcome Home!

Let's celebrate this special event with a great first bath.
Bring your adoption papers within the first month of you finding each other and enjoy a FREE wash on us!

Nashville's Premier Self-Serve Dog Wash Experience

A great bond starts with a great first bath!

  • All Inclusive - we provide everything you need, including a Personal Bathing Assistant!
  • No time limits** / No appointment required.
  • Elevated tubs for comfort.
  • Complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning by our staff.
  • Convenient Hours - Last call for stations is 6:30PM.

WashPaw is Music City's self-service dog wash salon featuring sanitized washing stations that will help you achieve long-lasting results like never before without the mess. Our do-it-yourself dog wash stations are raised and equipped with all the grooming tools you need for a fun experience with your pooch.


self-serve dog wash

Self-Serve Dog Wash: What's Included 

Upon arrival we will provide you with all the tools and equipment you need to help you attack those stubborn dirt particles. You will have everything that you need for a professional touch without the cost. 

Every WashPaw self-serve dog wash experience includes access to:

  • A complete line of Organic, Paraben-Free shampoos (see below).
  • De-shedding and brushing tools.
  • Heavy-duty moisture absorbent grooming towels.
  • Professional-grade low noise dryers.

Special Wash Programs

  • K9 Officers
    Our furry law enforcers are always welcomed and receive their bath for FREE!
  • Service Dogs
    Bring your furry friend's work ID or certificate and receive a 25% discount on his/her bath. Puppies-in-training are also welcome as long as you are able to provide evidence of training.
  • Adopted Shelter Friends
    Recent addition to the family? Bring your adoption papers within 1 month of adoption and your new best friend receives his/her first bath for FREE!
  • Special Stars
    Bring your ID and your furry friend will enjoy a 25% discount on their bath if you are a:
    - EMT Official including police, fire department, and emergency services personnel.
    - School or university teacher/professor

Complimentary Self-Serve Dog Wash Add-Ons

Right before departure, your well-behaved pooch will also receive a FREE nail trim* and ear cleaning session by our friendly staff, followed by our popular WashPaw finishing touches.

You can also make a dog grooming appointment right on the spot at a special rate!

100% Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

All of our stations are equipped with:

  • Organic, Paraben-Free Oatmeal
    Naturally cleans, deodorizes and restores skin balance. Relieves itching and scaly skin.
  • Pesticide-Free Flea/Tick Treatment Shampoo
    The safest way to kill and eliminate pesky biters while relieving redness and irritation.
  • Featured Scent
    An ever-changing, always surprising way to make the bathing experience ultra special! 

full service dog bath

Prefer for our professional staff to bathe your pup for you?
Use our Bath & Brush solutions and we will take care of the rest.

*Please note: Since we do not require vaccination certificate for using our self-serve stations, complimentary nail trims and ear cleaning are provided only for well-behaved pups that are not aggressive and are used to being groomed without the use of a muzzle. If you still require service and your friend requires a muzzle, the full price for nail trim and/or ear cleaning will apply.
**No time limits while wait-list is empty.