Bath & Brush for Dogs and Cats


  • Deep-Coat shampoo with 100% natural formulas.
  • Coat conditioner (if needed).
  • Full body brush and fluff-dry.
  • BlueBerry Facial.
  • Ear cleaning and hair removal.
  • Teeth brush and freshener.
  • Nail filing.
  • Paw Shape-up.
  • Anal gland expression (if needed).
  • De-Shedding add-on available.

Let our professional staff take care of the mess and heavy work! Our Bath & Brush packages reduce shedding and hair all over your home. Your friend will enjoy a SPA experience for a full body bath and complete coat brush.

Choose your own shampoo and conditioners with recommendations based on your friend's lifestyle and age.
By appointment only for extra one-on-one attention.

Rates as low as $29!