WashPaw Total Paw Care

Your Friend's Paws Have Been Asking For This.

Our 3-step package includes everything to clean and protect
the most vulnerable part of their body during those hot summer walks.
In only 10 minutes your friend will be ready for the next stroll!

paw pad cleaning

Step 1: Clean & Disinfect

If you notice the hair around the paws turning red this means your friend is trying to self-heal by licking the pads and the area around their toes. Most damage to the paws goes unnoticed and this is where we can help him/her feel better.

Our Tea Tree Paw Treatment provides intensive cleaning and disinfection for all paw areas: pad crevices, toes, and nail roots. By submerging all four paws in warm water and applying the treatment we allow the natural cleaning agents eliminate bacteria hiding around all these places. ($12 value)

paw pad care

Step 2: Filing Pawdicure 

Because there is no point of cleaning and healing without looking wow! We then proceed to do a complete nail grinding (filing) pawdicure, a $15 value all by itself!

Filing is the safest way to reduce nails' length to their shortest. It provides a clean, soft edge to avoid scratches and noisy floors.

nail grinding

Step 3: Heal & Protect

Before jumping out, our assistants will finish up by applying an organic shea butter formula to all four paws that naturally moisturizes and replenishes pad skin's pH levels.

This 100% natural protector also creates a barrier almost instantly against external pathogens that would otherwise end up in the just-treated area again. ($8 value)


Also available on all
Bath & Brush and Cut & Style packages for $15