Exclusive SPA Grooming Treatments

Make their pampering session ultra special:


Made from 100% natural waxes our PawProtector provides the ultimate shield against the elements to maintain healthy paws year-round. The semi-permeable barrier created between the paws prevents snowballs and salt-burns during the winter as well as against sand-burn and hot asphalt during the summer.

Fashion Accessories

Make the ultimate statement in fashion! Choose from our collection of

  • Glamour Feathers

  • Nail Polish in your favorite color

  • Coat Stenciling


Blueberry Facial

Guaranteed not to dry out your friend's skin and reduce tangles for weeks. Exfoliates, soothes and hydrates. With vanilla and blueberry extracts to remove stains around the mouth and tear stains without stinging the eyes. Complimentary on all grooming packages!



Paw Treatment


A rejuvenating spa session aimed at re-invigorating tired, cracked paws. Full paw immersion and exfoliation using our proprietary blend of natural ingredients paired with a recirculating paw massage. 



While others use the "cookie-cutter" approach of using de-shedding shampoos immediately followed by a standard brush with a tool like Furminator, our Deep De-Shedding experience aims to eliminate as much dead coat as possible following our exclusive process. 

Reduces the possibility of split ends, fritz, and irreparable damage to your pal's coat. We will use de-tanglers and special formulas tailored exclusively to your pal's coat type and length.