Cat Groomer Nashville

Simply the best, most comfortable grooming experience for your kitty friend!

Our All-Inclusive Nashville Cat Grooming packages feature:

  • One-on-one scheduling for a quiet, calm environment.

  • Hand-drying.

  • Full nail filing (or buffing).

  • Complete teeth cleaning and breath freshener.

  • 100% natural and/or organic shampoos and conditioners.

  • WashPaw Finishing Touches with bandanna and perfume/spritz.

Our Essentials Bath & Brush includes a full-serve bath
followed by a deep-coat brush to eliminate
dead hair and full coat fluff.



Our most complete grooming package with full style and professional cut. Package includes our full-serve bath,
deep-coat brush/quick de-shed & fluff.



Grooming Add-Ons

Looking for Blueberry Facial? De-Shedding? Read more about our exclusive Pet Spa grooming add-ons.

Flea-Tick Treatment

Sometimes pesky creatures like fleas and ticks can find their way into your pal's coat. We will contact you immediately if we do come across them. An additional fee will be added to your package rate for application of flea-tick treatment (Nitenpyram pill or CapStar) to prevent infestation within our facility.

Matted coats can only be served under our Elite Full Grooming packages. An additional fee may be applied.
What do you consider a matted coat?