de-skunk dog and cat

De-Skunk Grooming Package for Dogs and Cats

Our team of skunk-odor destroyers is here to help you get rid of the smell with our professional de-skunk option. Simply add it to any of our Bath & Brush or Full Cut grooming packages.

So Long, Skunk.

Wondering how we go about it? Well, we focus first on your pal's comfort and enjoyment since it's a long and slow process. But here's the scoop:

We start by pre-bathing your pup with our 100% natural deodorizing shampoos and conditioners. We then concentrate our efforts on the sprayed area(s) to completely remove the sulfur-containing chemicals sprayed on your pet's coat by the skunk during their unfortunate encounter.

After a good rinse with warm water we will pre-dry the coat to verify deodorization. If needed we will repeat the process until we are sure the smell is gone for good.

We finish with a full-body bath using our special blend of organic solutions to restore skin balance, head-to-tail rinse and dry, and a complete deep-coat brushing and fluff.

Ready to say goodbye to the funky aroma?