For the last couple of years we have noticed a higher than normal increment in the number of dogs that visit us with flea and tick infestations here in Nashville. And this year is no exception. Pet parents are losing their mind trying to find the right flea and tick medicine to eliminate these pests from their friends and their homes.

flea and tick control


After listening to feedback from hundreds of parents who have visited us we have compiled the following list of the top 3 flea and tick control treatments for dogs. We hope it will help you in your search for the right solution to this ever-growing problem. 

flea and tick collar

TYPE: Collar
Introduced by Bayer in 2013, the Seresto collar for dogs continues to be one of the top flea and tick collars in the market. It provides complete protection for 8 months and costs around $45 (small breeds). Side effects are hard to find and since it is a collar, you can discontinue use immediately without any serious damage simply by removing it.

flea tick chewable pill

TYPE: Chewable Pill
Introduced by Merck in 2014, Bravecto is a chewable pill that kills fleas and re-infestations as well as the most common types of ticks for 12 weeks. We should note that from the 3 top flea and tick treatments, Bravecto is the only one with various sites online asking for its removal from the marketplace. This because some cases have been reported of kidney failure and paralysis (see this Facebook group for more). Bravecto requires a prescription.

flea tick topical

TYPE: Topical
Introduced also by Bayer, K9 Advantix II is a topical application that both kills AND repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It is very popular since it has been proven effective at killing fleas in any stage of development. Important -- do not use K9 Advantix at home if you have cats or kittens as its main ingredient is toxic to them.

Keep in mind we recommend you ask your veterinarian for final approval before starting a flea and tick treatment. These 3 solutions are not backed and/or endorsed by WashPaw since they contain insecticides and are not naturally developed. They are only being presented to you for informational purposes only based on feedback received from pet parents. You and your veterinarian are the only persons that truly know your pet and we encourage you to choose the right solution based on his/her age, lifestyle, and overall health!

AuthorTammy W