Most pet parents believe that brightening (or "whitening", as it's commonly known) their pet's coat is hard and expensive. They have been sold into the misconception that achieving professional-grade results is reserved to grooming specialists and styling experts.

Whitening dog coat

As you know by now we love debunking myths. We believe that you can get your pet's coat a shade or two brighter by following some easy techniques and tweaking a couple of grooming habits.

The Wrong Way

Pet grooming salons, just like any other business, tend to follow the path of least resistance to increase sales and efficiency. And who is to blame them? After all, a business exists to create profits, right?

Well, the issue lies in that this path is characterized by aiming to reduce time in between grooming sessions as much as possible.

Thus it makes sense to use grooming shampoos and conditioners that achieve the best results in the least amount of time. But most of these grooming products are shock-full of chemicals and byproducts. Brighter coats plus reduced bathing and drying times is a great formula for a business but not for your pet's well-being.

Some grooming salons now offer bleaching baths and clarifying pastes but they must be avoided at all costs. Even though these may bring about great results in the short-term and are for the most part inexpensive, their potency will cause negative effects on your pet's skin and overall health.

The Natural Way 

There is a better way to brighten your pet's coat and that is the natural way. By following these 4 easy techniques you will achieve the same results without compromising your friend's health:

1. Wipe-off food and debris from around your pet's mouth and eyes daily using organic cleaning wipes. We recommend Organic Oscar.

Organic pet wipes

2. Bathe your pet using a natural shampoo every 4 to 6 weeks that includes a nature-derived ingredient like lavender.

Lavender dog shampoo

3. Ask your groomer if he/she offers a natural facial service. Blueberry facials are recommended if your pet's face is characterized by darker shades around the mouth and eyes.

Blueberry facial dogs

4. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog's water to  balance their body's PH levels. As always, please check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's diet.

Apple cider vinegar dogs
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