Tea tree is well known for its antifungal and disinfecting properties and our new tea tree soak infusion treatment makes it easy for pet parents to take care of a variety of problems with their dog's paws.

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Every week we see many dog parents stop by and ask us what is the best way to take care of issues like cracked pads, infected nail beds, swollen skin, among so many others. Most of these are characterized by their dogs licking their paws or lifting them while walking.

One-Step Solution

The truth is that paws require special attention and most parents forget to throughly clean the nails and space between toes when washing their dogs. With our new Paw Treatment you can now clean, disinfect, and condition the skin, pads and nails in one easy step.

This all-natural formula features cleaning and soothing agents including olive leaf oil for a refreshing foot bath your dog will cherish and enjoy. This treatment does not add any extra time to your dog's bath or requires any appointments. Ask for it during your next visit and add it to any self-serve dog wash or grooming package.

photo credit: John Tann