Good dental health starts with you. Brushing your dog's teeth at least once a week, although not an easy task, will help prevent painful canine gingivitis and bacterial infections.

dog teeth brushing

You and your furry friend share a lot in common, and being susceptible to teeth and gum disease is one of them.

Just like in humans, plaque accumulates on your dog's teeth after each meal. Every day this buildup continues to grow. If left untreated, this buildup may lead to dangerous canine periodontal disease. This painful yet preventable disease can cause irreversible organ failure and even death.

How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth and Prevent Oral Disease

Promoting healthy gums and strong, long-lasting teeth can be as simple as these 5 quick steps:

  1. Buy only high-quality food. Talk to your veterinarian about the proper diet to follow.
  2. Before brushing, use an alcohol-free plaque remover. This will help soften accumulated food residue and buildup.
  3. Brush each teeth using a soft-bristles toothbrush and natural, high-quality canine toothpaste.
  4. Repeat at least once a week (preferably every 2-3 days).
  5. Avoid giving your dog water or treats for 30 minutes after cleaning.

For heavy buildup, we recommend scheduling a dental exam with your veterinarian.

photo credit: Brian Gonzalez

AuthorTammy W