The grooming industry in Nashville is a very competitive landscape. When you think about it, it seems like there is a grooming salon on every corner.


Every salon proclaims they are the best at what they do. "We have the best groomers!". "We have the best hours!". "We were voted #1... again!" Yet somehow, when you pay close attention, most get away with the worst possible way to save money and stretch their budgets.

At WashPaw we all are pet parents too. And we wouldn't even dare come close to buy cheap, chemically-altered products for our furry friends. Would you?

But that is what you get out there. Grooming salons that proclaim to be the best try to reduce their costs by quietly using products and solutions that are detrimental to pets. Shampoos and conditioners shock full of chemicals, additives and other bad stuff you can't even imagine. All working together against you and your friend's health.

Since day 1, we have stuck with our vision of providing only the best experience for our four-legged friends and their parents. And that includes forcing our vendors and suppliers to provide us with their finest natural and organic products at the lowest possible price. It makes no sense that for us to stay in business we have to sacrifice your pet's health and lifestyle.

And it has worked. Almost 4 years later and we have been able to survive in this competitive environment offering first-class grooming services paired exclusively with high-quality formulas. All this while keeping our rates low and comparable to others in Nashville. When our loyal patrons stop by, they know our team of experts will only use premium products and will never cut corners to save a buck or two.

And the same specifications apply to our self-serve stations where you and your pal can enjoy a great bath experience using our top line of natural and organic shampoos and conditioners.

We are not asking for you to consider us as the only grooming salon in Nashville. There are plenty of alternatives and we invite you to stay with your groomer of choice. We are all trying our best. But please, ask and demand that they use only natural and/or organic shampoos and conditioners when grooming your best friend. Now, hopefully, they will stick with the original quote they gave you.

AuthorTammy W
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