Cocamide DEA is a known carcinogen to the state of California and should be avoided at all costs in your dog's shampoo. Although its origin is natural (coconut oil), this ingredient is part of a group of chemicals known as ethanolamines

harmful dog shampoo ingredient

Why dog shampoo manufacturers use it?

Consumers prefer a creamier consistence in their dog's shampoo rather than a liquid one.

What is the problem with Cocamide DEA?

When combined with other preservatives, ethanolamines break down into nitrogen and a class of chemicals known as nitrosamines. Some of these carcinogenic chemicals can be absorbed thru the skin and cause irreparable damage to the reproductive system and body organs.

How to spot them in your dog's shampoo?

Despite the fact that manufacturers use clever combinations of words to hide these chemicals you can identify them in any ingredients list. Lookout for words ending in -lamine as well as those that contain the letters DEA, TEA, and MEA. 

AuthorTammy W