One of the most popular SPA grooming upgrades is our Paw Treatment option. Your furry friend will enjoy a special treat at the end of the bath that will deep-clean and rejuvenate all four paws at once. Here is what happens behind the scenes.

natural spa pet grooming 

First our White Tea Tree oil formula exfoliates and cleanses all crevices and corners. This destroys any dirt and bacteria left behind by simple bathing shampoos. Then, an infusion of natural olive leaf extract as an extra cleanser and provides rich nutrients to paw skin.

Moisturizing is next. While all four paws are soaking in such nutrient-rich warm water we add seaweed extract to further protect the skin against the elements. 

This whole process ends by introducing this now rejuvenated skin to comfrey extract. This natural ingredient acts as a soothing and calming agent.

After the 5-minute relaxing treatment time is up, we proceed to completely dry and massage their four paws. No wonder why so many tails wag non-stop during this whole process!

AuthorTammy W
CategoriesGrooming Basics