pet grooming nashville

What We Do

First of all, we have fun and put on a show every day for all furry friend that visit us.
Then, well, find out more below:

Gets rid of all dead hair.
Full bath and deep-coat brush with our line
of professional shampoos and conditioners.
Packages start at $29

All Grooming Packages include ear cleaning, nail trimming, full dental checkup/teeth brushing,
and coat conditioning. We follow breed-specific guidelines and guarantee 100% our professional results.
Packages start at only $59

Our popular washing stations include everything
you need for a great look.
Only $18 - all breeds and sizes and NO time limits!

Need a quick nail trim?
Or teeth brushing and freshener?
Walk-ins welcome

Our professional team of Nashville pet groomers and bathers is fully equipped to achieve any style or cut you wish for your best friend.

We follow breed-specific guidelines for the best look.

Skin condition or allergies? We can also assist with finding the right cleaning solutions for any type of coat or skin condition. Let our staff know of any allergies, irritations or special needs your friend may have for an enjoyable experience.


Hair all over your floors?

Ask about our exclusive Organic De-Shedding designed to detangle and eliminate dead hair from undercoat. Includes more than 15 minutes of undercoat brushing and conditioning to reduce hair flowing everywhere at home.
Ask about it when you check-in!