Offer Details

Receive a $10 discount on any Bath & Brush package when you activate your special gift certificate.

Available exclusively for customers who purchased the Save a Life package during the month of October 2018 and are current WashPaw members.

Booking an Appointment

Once you are ready to use your certificate, give us a call at 615-781-9544. Your certificate is valid until the last day of the month included on the email. Please note we are unable to prevent blackout dates and we recommend you contact us as soon as possible to book the right day that works with your schedule.

Certificate is only valid for the friend that enjoyed the Save a Life package in October and was registered at the time of purchase.


Your friend must be up to date on rabies vaccination. To comply with local regulations, a valid certificate will be required for new WashPaw members during check-in.

Matted Coats

Please note that coats that are matted and require cut/scissoring by a groomer are not able to participate in the Save a Life Bath & Brush package.

Double-Coated Breeds

De-shedding add-on may be required upon check-in inspection for this dense coat type in order to fully clean undercoat and skin. This includes Great Pyrenees, Huskies, Shepherds, Retrievers, etc. Please contact us if you are not sure your friend falls under this group.


Although our team of professionals is one of the best and most caring in Nashville and WashPaw has been described as the “only place where my dog has a fun experience every time”, please note that we require your best friend to be safe and happy throughout the whole bathing session. If your friend is new to our salon and/or has never had a bathing service performed by others, we may contact you to pick him/up her at any time we believe he/she is not having a good time to the point of posing a risk to the safety of our staff. We may recommend bringing him/her back at a later date to finish the session if we feel it was only first time jitters.