Online Booking for your Dog

Looking online booking for cats? Click here

IMPORTANT: To reduce delays at check-in, please include as many details as possible about your furry friend (breed, hair cut length, skin conditions, etc.) in the COMMENTS box during step 4.

We are upgrading our online reservation system.
Please give us a call at 615-781-9544 to complete your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add special add-ons like de-shedding or SPA upgrades?
Click on the PLUS (+) sign to add a service and choose your preferred add-on from the list.

How do I book multiple pets?
Create your first booking above for your first friend. Then simply repeat the process for extra friends by selecting the same date. You can check-in all your pets at the same time even if they have different appointment times.

Can I change my check-in time once I confirm my request?
Yes! Based on availability we may be able to change your check-in time. Contact us during business hours to change your appointment to a different time.

Can I book my appointment via phone?
Sure! Contact us at 615-781-9544. During non-business hours you can also use our automated booking voicemail to reserve your date and time.

I need help completing my booking. How can I get support?
Please call us at 615-781-9544 during business hours or contact us via email.