Join the Challenge and Win!


Exclusive Discounts!

Receive $1 off per pound of dead hair you are able to remove using our De-Shedding Package on any self-serve wash.

Our all-natural de-shedding system has all you need to get rid of all that undercoat loose hair from your pup’s coat! Our staff will help you from start to finish.

TIP: For best results, plan your visit according to your friend’s size: 45 minutes (less than 40lbs) to 1 hour (40lbs or larger). This will allow our shampoo and conditioning formulas to work for the right amount of time.

Awesome Prizes!

When you finish, we will enter the total weight of hair you were able to remove in our 2018 Loose to Win Challenge! This gives you and your pup a chance to win great prizes, including:

  • FREE Full-Serve Bath Package!

  • Discount coupon codes!

  • FREE WashPaw stars you can redeem for free baths and grooming sessions!

  • De-Shedding Grooming Professional Tool Set to help you continue the fight against dead hair at home!

Get your friend’s coat ready for Fall & Winter!

The end of summer marks the time when your pal needs help removing the undercoat that grew naturally for protection during the hot weather months. It is important to refresh and replenish your pal’s pH skin and top coat by removing dead hair and debris from the undercoat. This allows the skin to rejuvenate naturally and ventilate in preparation for the cold, dry weather ahead.

The 2018 Loose to Win challenge starts Saturday, September 15 and ends on Sunday, September 30. One entry per package. $1 off the price of our Natural De-Shedding Package. per pound of removed dead hair.