Shed-Reducing Treatment

Tired of loose hair finding its way all over your floors and carpet? Our exclusive Natural De-Shedding treatment will safely loosen up and remove dead hair from your pet's undercoat, using only 100% natural and organic shampoos and conditioners.

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Safe & Enjoyable SPA treatment - How it Works

Phase 1: Prep Bath

Our staff will start by getting your friend's coat wet and proceeding with a deep-coat brush throughout the whole body, paying special attention to neck and back areas where hair is dense. This step gets rid of dust, dirt and loose hair at the top coat level, while loosening follicles at the undercoat level. 

Phase 2: Application & Body Cleaning

Once the top coat has been treated, we move on to the full application of our exclusive 100% natural de-shedding shampoo formula. Your friend will enjoy the feeling created by warm shampoo paired with a full-body 10-15 minute massage. It is during this phase that most of the undercoat's dead hair is freed from the skin and deep mats are loosened, dropping off like magic during rinse. Based on your pal's coat density and oil levels we may apply a second treatment to get rid of any loose hair that may stay behind.

See how our 100% natural de-shedding treatment loosens dead hair and "melts it off" your friend's coat.

Phase 3: Conditioning & Drying

We finish our SPA treatment with a full-body and coat conditioner to nourish and replenish the skin naturally. This helps with rebalancing oils and nutrients to soothe and promote hair regrowth for a "fluff", healthy look.

Depending on the Bath & Brush or Cut & Style package you selected your friend will then proceed to receive a final brush, fluff and body trim or step onto our style salon for his/her professional haircut.