à La Carte Grooming

dog cat nail filing nashville

For the Best Pawdicure

Stop by anytime before closing time and let our staff take care of your friend’s nails. We will take our time and let you be by your friend’s side for extra comfort. Two services to choose from:

  • Nail Trim
    A quick and easy solution to long nails - $10

  • Nail Filing (Grinding)
    The safest way to achieve shorter nails - $15

  • Nail Polish
    Glamour and fashion in one - starting at $10

dog and cat paw care nashville

Take care of their paws the easy way with our exclusive line of packages and solutions designed to rehydrate and protect:

  • Paw Trim
    Clean up and scissoring/shaving of hair in between toes. Limited availability. $15

  • Paw Protector
    Organic balm that cleans, protects, and hydrates tired, cracked paws. $8

  • Paw Treatment
    A relaxing foot bath that cleans and disinfects pads and nails from dirt and bacteria. $12

pet ear care nashville

Our staff will help you prevent buildup and bacteria from your friend’s ears that could lead to painful infections:

  • Ear Plucking & Organic Cleansing
    Reduces humidity by removing hair that prevents proper aeration inside ear canal. $10

  • Deep Ear Cleaning/Flushing
    If your friend is already suffering from yeast and bacteria buildup. $10

teeth care dog nashville

Veterinarians recommend brushing your dog’s teeth at least 3 times per week.

  • Teeth Brushing
    Includes Plaque Reducer, Full Brushing & Natural Breath Freshener $10

grooming trim nashville

Keep your friend’s coat looking great with a quick tuneup in between grooming appointments.

  • Shape Up
    Includes trim of feet, face (rounding) and sanitary area. Does not include body. Starting at only $20.
    Please note: This is completed by certified staff only and may not be available certain times of day. We recommend calling us before to verify availability.